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performance to -- >> there's so many issues. you know, next week at this time, we will continue our issues 2012 coverage with a look at the topics, such as health care, gun control that may impact this election for you. you are in the cnn newsroom, great to see you, i'm susan hendrick, we begin with a deadly avalanche that swept through the eighth highest mountain in the world a rescue pilot says at least 11 people are dead. a camp allegedly swept away at 5:00 approximately this morning. we'r told the injured have been air lifted to local hospitals, some skiers and about 2,000
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mountaineers were attempting to climb the mountain and break the world record. trey, you heard from american skier glen branch who survived the avalanche. what glen say that happened today? and how is he doing. >> he's okay, he's a limb beat up, he's a little sore, he's got some front teeth, i guess one of his eyes is pretty beaten up. but the important thing is that he's okay and he's on his way home. i spoke to him about 4:30 this afternoon. he said he was in a tent along with one of his partners and.
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and about 4:45, he was reading his bible, reading his daily devoti devotional. and they heard a sound and greg said did you hear that wind? and a second later, he said no, that's an avalanche. and immediately the avalanche hit them, there was about 25 tents at camp 3. it took them all out and he said it swept him about 300 meters down the mountain. and when he came to, he was still in his sleeping bag, still in the tent, still had his head lamp on and he punched his way out of the tent. he said that they had all gone to sleep with avalanche transceivers on in case this would happen. and he immediately started searching for greg and remy and searched for about 10 minutes before he realized that he was
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barefoot in the snow, at that point he said he found his shoes, he said he found everything in his tent, absolutely nerve, but there was no sign of greg or rem any. >> is there anything we know in terms of these two men? do we know what the latest is in terms of greg and remy, as he said he was looking for them and couldn't find them. >> there was another team of skiers led by greg hill and those guys were immediately on the scene and assisted glen with his search. and some other guys came up from base camp, evidently all very experienced, have strong skills with their transceivers and they did three different searches and were unable to find any trace of greg or remy or remy's tent.
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>> trey, is there any indication that a climber or skier may have that an avalanche is coming, or is it like an earthquake, like in california, that you have no evidence that it's coming and it could happen any time? >> there was a lot of snow on the mountain and when i spoke to them, i believe it was on friday, they called me from camp 2, they had dug out their camp 2 tent had been destroyed by the recent snowfall. an abundance of snow definitely makes a difference. but rather than just a normal avalanche, there was a sarak that threatened camp 3 and i guess camp 2. it was just a massive sarak ball that glen estimated between 600 and 800 meeters wise.
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iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad sat down today for a one-on-one interview with piers morgan. ahmadinejad is in new york to attend the united nations general assembly this week. and piers asked the iranian president if he's worried that the u.s. will attack his country. >> do you fare that war is imminent? do you fare that there will be military conflict perhaps even at the end of this year between your country and israel? >> translator: before the zionists are very adventuresome, very much seeking to fabricate things and they see themselveses at the end of line. and i think they will seek to create opportunities for themselves in their outrageous
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behavi behaviors. >> you can watch that interview tomorrow night on piers morgan. an who -- retired fbi agent robert levinson disappeared during a business trip to iran's kish island. u.s. officials believe he's being held captive somewhere in southeast asia. in a video released last year, that was apparently made two years ago. robert levenson is asking the u.s. to help him get home. >> levenson's wife christine traveled to new york in the hopes of getting ahmadinejad involveded in situation. >> we'll never, ever, ever stop looking for you. >> the fbi has offered a million dollar reward for any information leading to
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levenson's safe return. now to a police shooting in houston, an officer shot and killed a double amputee after police say he advanced on the officer's partner in his wheelchair. police were called by the people in the group home where he lives. when you hear just the basic facts here, you wonder, this guy's in a wheelchair, how could this escalate to a shooting? >> this all started over candy, cigarettes and soda. he became aggressive with his caretakers, after asking for candy and soda and cigarettes at about 2:30 in the morning. and they called police and when the police got there, that's when things escalated. according to police who we spoke to earlier today, it was the partner, not the officer that was in the corner of the room
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was the one who shot the fatal shot to the head. >> what do we know about the group home where this man live. >> we tried to get a hold of the group home's director. but according to an interview with our local affiliate said that this wasn't the first time that the police have been called to the business. >> a month, to a month and a half ago, the same thing happened, we heard yelling and screaming and we saw them take one or two of the individuals. >> so you see, the neighbors saying that neighbor thought the police had showed up to close down his party, he was having a party the same night that they went to that business and a fatal shooting took place. >> last the status of the officer? >> this officer was involved in another fatal shooting back in 2009. the officer was put on administrative leave.
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you know, new york police are charging the man who jumped into a tiger den was trespassing. police say david villalobos wasn't crazy but had a desire to be one with the tying ber. tiger. you know, workers at washington's national zoo, they are heart broken after the death of a giant panda bear cub. veterinarians tried to revive the cub after they found it not breathing. they first knew something was wrong whenhe mother panda was in distress. >> this is devastating, it's hard to describe how much energy and thought and care has gone into this. we have a terrific team that's worked so hard, and i am so confident, so proud of the
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staff, the volunteers, the scientists, the work that our chinese colleagues have put into this. and it is devastating. >> now investigators hope that testing will reveal what caused that cub's death. they are thought to be only 1,900 giant pandas in existence. an uninvited guest turned a sweet 16 party from magic into mayhem and authorities say it all began with an invitation posted in the wrong place. details straight ahead. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪ together for your future. why they're always there to talk. i love you, james.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. welcome back. pakistan is distancing itself from a bounty on the head of a filmmaker behind that anti-islam movie. even though the $1,000 reward was offered by a pakistan minister. meanwhile, libya's military is taking a stand against militias in the wake of violence that left four americans dead. the army says fighters have 48 hours to leave bases public buildings or property belonging to the former regime otherwise soldiers will use force to evict them. a dint kind of violence in dutch town north of amsterdam
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where a sweet 16 birthday party advertised on facebook led to a riot. 32 people arrested after the mob smashed store front windows and two cars. yoko ono has just joined to -- you may remember this, well he told me how he explains that situation to the couple's 4-year-old daughter. >> you know, russian politics in a lot of a sense very much like a fairy tail, because putin in recent years has been taking on the role of this ruthless dictator, who's never going to leave. he's really like this evil prince now, so it's easy to explain what's happening to a
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4-year-old kid. she thinks that pugh. >> i'm always surprised to hear how strong that you sound when talking about your wife and the two other members. do you ever have bad days about this. >> obviously imagine not seeing the person who you love, the person who is very close to you, not only personally but also professionally for two years. obviously it's an amazing -- it's a very big period of time and, well, it's saying that it does give you a very hard feeling. >> world leaders are coming -- president barack obama who takes the world's stage on tuesday, we
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while the president and mitt romney are on the campaign trail, first lady michelle obama is speaking out on voting
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rights. she spoke at the congressional caucus convention last night. >> we all get a say in our democracy, no matter who we are or where we're from or what we look like or who we love. so we cannot let anyone discourage us from casting our ballots. we cannot let anyone make us feel unwelcome in the voting booth. >> now signing up to vote may seem simple enough, but in some states it is not. a lot of states have passed laws that many people say will make it harder to vote. >> reporter: in the past two years, almost every state in the country has introduced or passed some type of change or restrictatirestric restriction to the voting laws. we're talking about all kinds of changes to the voting laws, some
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of the most controversial changes of all are to laws requiring voters to show photo identification. 11 states have already gotten photo-id laws. we have to say here again and again, polling shows voter id laws are very popular, they make sense to people. republicans who tend to support these laws say they're needed to avoid voter fraud. but in previous elections and in the primaries this year, we have not seen a significant number of people charged with voter fraud. democrats who are fighting these laws from state to feat say it doesn't have anything to do with fraud, it's just a plan to keep minority voters like blacks and latinos away from the polls on election day. some of the biggest battles are being waged in some of the most important battleground states, especially in ohio, pennsylvania
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and florida. the battle is over early voting in ohio. the obama campaign is fighting it out in appeals court with with ohio's republican secretary of state as to whether all voters will be allowed to go to the polls on sunday and monday and election day. and a state judge is being asked to reconsider a ruling he made. he has to make sure that there's enough time for voters to get ids. and in florida it's been a bruising battle over voting rights for the better part of the year. democrats have won a few of those, republicans have as well. now it's coming down to a lawsuit filed by democratic congresswoman corrome brown. and why is all of this important? well, it's about electoral votes. ohio has 18. pennsylvania has 20. and florida has 29. the candidate who wins or loses
2:22 pm
these states has a leg up in the race for the white house. >> if you would like to see more on the legal battle over -- tune in to who counts. before you can cast a ballot you have to be registered to vote. there's a lot of americans out there who could have a big influence on the election if they sign up in time to vote. >> it's a fixture at every obama campaign rally, a voting call to arms, and saturday in wisconsin was no different. >> i'm asking you for your vote. >> reporter: some 73 million americans are eligible to vote, but aren't registered according to census figures so registering people and educating them on how to vote is essential to both
2:23 pm
campaign campaigns. >> the republican national committee took a advantage of a romney rally to register attendees. >> when you have this many people in one place, it makes registering folks a lot easier. >> i went to the library last week, so this is great to just do it and get it done right now. >> hi is your voter registration up to date? >> we caught up with obama supporters registering voters at local businesses. >> i try to go where the folks are, barbershops, beauty parlors, libraries, back to school night. and this is a good place to start. >> where did you live before? >> alexandria. >> yeah, you would need to reregister to vote. >> athena, you talk about
2:24 pm
registering, the next big step is turn out for people to register, but people have to show up, right. >> you talk about that they're thinking this is going to be largely a base election so the two sides are trying to make sure they can bring out their base. on the obama side, they want to make sure that the people that voted for him last time are registered to vote. >> we all know that obama was considered the first facebook president in 2008. will they be using social media this time? >> certainly, you know, both campaigns are using social media. both campaigns are doing a lot of similar things. one thing that's been interesting to hear from president obama himself on this, and everyone who introduces him and everything that goes on around his events, is this early voting and voting by mail. early voting starts in iowa this
2:25 pm
coming thursday. iowa is an important battleground state. absentee voting has already begun in pennsylvania and new hampshire. states like colorado, florida, nevada, north carolina, so this is something that's a really big part of their get to vote effort. on the romney side, the surrogates, you may not hear romney himself talk about registering to vote. but supporters do it. they make sure that people who requested absentee ballots through those people, constant voter contact that both sides are really doing to try to make sure that they bring, in all those votes. many of them coming before election day.
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coming up today, don't miss a fareed zakaria special, it's all about how to solve this nation's unemployment problem. here's a sneek peek at it. >> the world's tallest building, over a half a mile high, man-made islands, there's even an indoor ski slope in this desert oasis, conveniently located in a shopping mall. when tourists come and spend their money, they're like walking job stimulus programs. >> they'll crete about a million jobs by the end of this decade just from travel and tourism. >> fritz van patton is the ceo of sea ward -- >> 20 or 30 years ago, people didn't think of going there. now if you're in europe or if
2:27 pm
you're in russia, it's a place where people go. >> reporter: by 2020, hotel guests are expected to triple. >> a small city can create a million jobs in a decade? that's an enormous amount of growth. >> that's "putting america to work" right here on cnn. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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welcome back, president obama arrives in new york to attend the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. the president speaks to the assembly on tuesday. administration officials say he is expected to restate his opposition to the online film that insults the islam religion. that will not be all that's talked about. expect some fire works with the debate while the u.n. debates some of the world's most contentious issues. >> there's going to be a lot of them throughout this week, we know that when u.n. nations get together there are always debates, it's very interesting
2:31 pm
to start pacing through the agenda and see what's there including only issues that are always there but always lead to major debates. obviously things like syria will be discussed. but there's some things that you might not realize are in here. one is the question of palestine, keep in mind the palestinian state pushed for state hood inside the united nations. we are expecting a new step on this front after the november elections. also take a look at this one that's written into the agenda. israeli aggression against iraqi nuclear installations. we're talking about the consequences of that in today's context. the concerns about the possibility of an israeli strike at one point.
2:32 pm
ending the u.s. embargo of tuba. the way it's been an agenda is the necessity of ending that embargo. the effects of atomic radiation just do one more here, a lot of people find this interesting when it's inside the agenda. they talk about what the u.n.'s role could be in promoting a new global human order. the reason i point to this one, is that some -- some effort to create what will ultimately be some international government taking away national sovereignty along the way. there are others who say this is a great way to summarize the idea of nations working together to try to get a lot done.
2:33 pm
>> certainly afghanistan is going to get a lot of attention in syria. >> so heated debates, anything really get done? is it productive in the long run? >> unfortunately, one of the big problems in the world is that the u.n. gets so little done on so many major fronts. this is a great analysis that i put online on twitter from the council on foreign relations, that ultimately that usually comes down to nations -- the millennium development goals are a place in which some things are getting done, these are the great big sweeping goals recently the u.n. announced some success, including poverty around the world, getting water to more people around the world. lots more information online. we'll keep a close eye all week. staying on the topic of the economy, next why the gdp is our
2:34 pm
biggest economic report card and what kind of grade can we expect?
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well, there are three big things wall street will be watching this week, one thing is a doozy, it's america's economic report card. let's talk about the gdp number, that comes out on thursday, how key is that, how important? >> it's critical, it's going to be quite market inge flew wen shall. what this is a report card, it's going to tell us how the second quarter did for the united states economy. now during normal times we should find a 2% to 2.5% rise.
2:38 pm
>> and todd, as you know, the ceo of goldman-sachs says that austerity measure aren't necessarily going to get you a higher gdp. is that a message at's resonating on wall street right now? >> you have this fiscal cliff, we only have a couple of months to resolve these issues and the ceo of gold man sacks is saying, look, choerm budget cuts are not going to do anything for the gdp, you have to have a long-term plan, we might have congress that's coming out and maybe have some quick solutions from jumping off of this fiscal cliff, but you need everybody to come together, both republicans and democrats and the white house and get everyone together to come up with a long-term plan for budget cuts. that will actually help the gdp
2:39 pm
down the road. >> is there a full blown recovery under way as many people are hoping? >> i got to tell you, the housing data right now has been positive. the past couple of months we have seen some real bright spots, with new home sales, existing home sales and housing starts. it's actually going to represent what housing values are and 20 of the major metropolitan cities around the country, comes out on tuesday, we want to see a nice number, this is for july, we are expecting a bit of an uptick of 10.1%. we want to see some type of sustainability with house values. >> it's a big week ahead. you know the search is on for mountain climbers after an avalanche sweeps down -- we're going to talk to an avalanche survivor.
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the biggest stars of television are about to hit the red carpet. the show is scheduled to kick off in a couple of hours from now. cnn's entertainment continue koreen wynter is live at the theater in downtown l.a. set the scene for us, any stars arrive? >> they are starting to trickle in, in fact to my right, we're going to see how much talent our cameraman has here on the red carpet. we'll see if he can pan a little bit to the left. jesse tyler ferguson is to my right. he's starting to make his way down the carpet. he's one of the nominees in the supporting category. in a short time, there's going to be more stars. it's going to look kind of like
2:44 pm
an academy award red carpet because that's because there's so many on the big screen, nicole kidman, don chetle. it is scorching out here, and as for the night, well, we definitely have our eye on so many categories, in particular, the drama category. we'll have to see. every year it's madmen and they have clinched it for the fourth year in a row last year, and if they win they will go down into the history books because it will definitely be a record setter, but they have competition. so we'll have to see how they fare. and then the host with the most, jimmy kimmel, he's going to keep us all laughing tonight. he's going to be taking the big
2:45 pm
stage and here's his quote, you can expect something genuinely weird in terms of entertainment. year after year, sometimes the show falls flat, so i'm going to keep people laughing. he promises to knock it out of the ballpark. so jimmy is going to keep us going all night long plus his show has also been nominated. we're ready for the stars to take the red carpet. >> he's so talented. koreen, who are you wearing? >> susan, i'm so sorry. >> who you are wearing? i think you have to ask people that? >> oh, who am i wearing? i'm wearing the nicole winter dress. you have to give it to the
2:46 pm
celebrities, they have so many different outlets that they can stop and talk to people, and the pressure is on for them. our job is easy so we'll have to see who makes best dressed at the end of the night. >> koreen, thank you. just ahead, at least 11 climbers swept away in an avalanche. i'll talk to a climber who knows one of the survivors. keep it here. in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, n you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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we have been following the deadly avalanche on the eighth highest mountain in the world. at least 11 people are dead, several others injured. rescue efforts are now on hold until tomorrow because of the danger of bad weather. want to bring in pro mountain climber who's in montana who's also a mt. everest survivor. >> i thank you for the invitation. this is a particularly dangerous mountain. it is closer to the -- where the
2:50 pm
moisture comes in from the monsoon and this year they have had more precipitation so reports of the climbing on the mountain has been an increased amount of snow. the sarat ice flow was the cause of this avalanche. >> is there ever an indication of when an avalanche what cause avalanche. >> is it somewhat like an earthquake, let's say, let's compare it to that, where you don't know it's coming, you just have to be ready if it does? >> when glaciers cap off and shed their naturally occurring ice that forms, it's pretty unpredictable. very similar to what you would expect in an earthquake. snow scientists study the structure of the snow, how it bonds one layer onto another. you have a weak layer and it can slide off like a layered cake and that's what they look at. here we have an instance where there was a lot of snow this season, and then a sirak, which is a hanging glacier, kicked off this massive avalanche. >> you survived an avalanche. take us through that.
2:51 pm
what does it feel like to literally be buried in snow? what are the chances of surviving that? >> we were in tibet 13 years ago on the fifth of october, so within two weeks. it was, again, an avalanche triggered by a sirak. the avalanche set the snow off. my partner alex lowe and david bridges, the two of them were swept up and i survived. that moment never leaves from me, and i was probably picked up and thrown 90 feet by the wind blasts and pummelled by the snow and ice, and i thought that was the end of my excess tense. by some miracle, i survived. >> it must be so hard to thirnk about that and the people that you lost. we covered on cnn a few months ago someone surviving an avalanche by a new contraption they're using out there. are more and more climbers and skiers armed with those so they will survive, they will know what to do? >> you're referring to the airbag system, and something
2:52 pm
like that, when you trigger an avalanche, you can pull it and it's a balloon that inflates with compressed air and then brings it to tyou to the surfac. so when you're in the slide, a human slide is very effective. usually they happen in the early morning, and the best defective medicine is to be wary of avalanche beacons. he had his avalanche beacon on, he was able to go to rescue after being thrown for approximately 1,000 feet. >> conrad, any thoughts or words that you would like to tell glen who did survive this, who you know? >> glen is the same age as i am. we paralleled careers, i have a tremendous amount of respect for him and my heart goes out to him. being in his shoes is tough. survival skill is a bear that isn't learned easily. >> we're so glad you spoke to us
2:53 pm
about this today. conrad, appreciate your time. thanks. >> thank you, susan. just ahead, she has sold millions of albums and now jewel has a new project and it's inspired by her son. take a look, how cute. jewel talks with us about it, coming up. the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning.
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jewel has been nominated for four grammys. her debut album sold 12 million copies. she's a singer, song writer, an actress, a poet, a producer.
2:56 pm
now you can add children's book author to that list. her new book is inspired by her son. it's called "that's what i do." fredricka whitfield has the story. >> congratulations on the book. it's so sweet! >> thank you so much. >> so tell me, what inspired you to write this book? >> i wrote this song for him when i was pregnant, and as i was writing the lyrics out into a notebook, it really struck me that i wanted to make it into a children's book and have it illustrated. so a year later, here i am. >> here you are. so was it a difficult thing to do, to kind of extrapolate what you had written, you know, for music and now putting it on the pages? >> i'd like to say it was an arduous process that took a lot of time to craft, but actually it's the exact lyrics from the song, so when i had that done, it's sort of in song form in here.
2:57 pm
it rhymes, which i like because i want to teach my son rhyming when he gets older. i want to show my son all i would have done because i love him, and i want to give that to other parents as well. >> would you mind reciting a verse or two? >> if i had a sun, i would put yellow in a brush and put you in a portrait you could feel and touch. as darkness came, the canvas would fill up with night. that's what i do, do, do, do because i love you, you, u you, you. >> it is very rhythmic. we have a portion of that song from the book. ♪ ♪ if i had the sun, i tell you what i'd do ♪ ♪ gather up all the clouds and leave only the blue ♪ >> how sweet. what's his response when he hears your music? >> he loves music. i don't know if he loves my music or not, but he seems to be
2:58 pm
agreeable to it. he really enjoys of the book. he likes pointing to all the animals and everything he recognizes in the book. it's a unique gift i'm able to gi to him. >> is there any way you can recognize he might be musical, too? >> he likes my guitar and he loves music, but i think all babies do. we'll have to see in time, but whatever he wants to do, i'm 100% supportive. >> let's talk about some of the other projects you have in the works. you shot right here in atlanta a movie about the life of june carter cash. you have a lot in common with her besides the kind of musical background. both of you singer/songwriters, coming from musical families. is that kind of what lured you to that part? >> i was very honored to get to play june carter cash. a lot of people know her as johnny cash's wife but not an artist in her own right. she wrote songs, she actually wrote "the ring of fire" which people don't realize. i was really honored.
2:59 pm
i'm not an actress, so one of the things that drew me, aside from my affection for her, was the challenge of the role. not many women are offered scripts that are so dramatic that cause such a transformation. i was very honored to take that opportunity and hopefully run with it. >> gosh, and speaking of transformation, that picture, we're going to show it again, is one that you tweeted. this is your transformation of june carter cash. what did it take to kind of become her? >> i studied her a lot. luckily the internet, there's so many videos of her when she was in her 20s, and i really imitated her walk and her talk and her speech and her rhythm. and it was very fun to transform into her mentally, emotionally and through my voice. but when i got to set, i had a wig, i had blue eyes, i had prosthetic teeth. it really put it over the top. >> the movie will be on lifetime later on this year. we all look forward to that, and we can enjoy your book right now "that's what i do." jewel, thanks so much for being with us an

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